The AZO/Tec® design and simulation team aids customers with the technical design of structural and energy-efficient fenestration systems by not only providing thermal simulation studies, but also a range of design functions:
Conserving energy resources, while reducing greenhouse gases, is possible in commercial building when windows are produced with Azon structural thermal barrier technologies in the framing and glazing system.

  • Analyses and recommendations to improve existing and new thermal barrier products and glazing systems for optimal thermal and structural performance
  • Review of thermal barrier cavity sizes and locations, including those to match mechanical lock cutting tools
  • Conversion of polyamide and non-thermal designs to pour and debridge thermal barrier systems
  • Need assistance with CAD drawings, design or thermal simulation service? Contact us

Specification: Structural thermal barrier for insulating aluminum extrusions for window, door, curtain wall, skylight and related architectural fenestration products

Pour and debridge thermal barrier specification (DOC 160 KB)
Overview of the AZO/Tec® program (PDF)
See the technical information for producing mechanical locks including the specifications, application, tooling and tolerance.
Azon has provided energy-saving technology, chemicals and machinery for manufacturers of thermal barrier fenestration products since 1977.
Customers using the Azon turnkey chemicals and machinery receive a comprehensive service package that covers design, functionality, technical field support, ongoing testing, quality assurance and preventative maintenance service, along with electronic quality audits via a Web-based process

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