Our Product Data Sheets (PDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) ensure the Azon pour and debridge processing of thermal barriers will meet or exceed industry standards and to ensure the safety and health of anyone working with our thermal barrier polymer products and ancillary materials. If you cannot find the documents you are looking for call us during office hours using the contact locations at the bottom of the page.

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Thermal Barrier Polymer Product Data Sheets (PDS) - China
Azo-Purge MP2 (English)
Universal No-Tape™ 304 12T (English)
SU 207 12T (7203) WS (English)
SU 208 30T (7300) (English)
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) - China
13-302A Component Part A Version 2 (English) The Azon 13-302A is the A component of the two-part thermal barrier polymer for use with all component B materials including structural polyurethane (SU) series, Universal No-Tape component B and Azo-Core™ foam system
SU Series Resin Component B Rev. 1.1 42015 Component B of two-part structural polyurethane thermal barrier polymer (includes SU 207, SU 208, SU 301, SU 302, SU 311, SU 312, SU 315)
Universal No-Tape 304 Component B Version 1 Component B of the two-part structural polyurethane thermal barrier polymer
Azo-Purge MP2 Rev. 1.1 42015 Safety flush agent for removing polyurethane and other tough composites from mixers, lines and production equipment
SU 208-30T 7300 Version 1 Component B of the two-part, Azo-Core™ thermal barrier foam system
Cured Polyurethane Polymer Rev.-1.1-9201 Composite of A and B thermal barrier polymer compents in the cured state